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Community Shared Ag

Information on our amazing farm shares can be found here!

Perfect for anyone who is busy, but still wants the freshest, locally grown produce each week. We'll save you the time of shopping by packing a box full of whatever is ripe on our farm each week, and you just need to pick it up. A full season generally runs for 18-20 weeks between mid June-October, depending on each year's weather and conditions. Greatest variety will come at the middle to the end of summer. We will include recipies and hope to expand your palate!

Full Share

Half share

Shared Bounty, shared risk

Quarter Share

This share can be best described as a paper grocery bag full of veggies packed up weekly for you to pick up. This share is great for families who enjoy cooking with fresh ingredients. Fresh cut flower stems will also be included when available.  $520

This share is a best suited for a couple or a busy family that is just getting into cooking with fresh veggies. It's a great starter share for anyone intimidated by new or less common veggies. You will receive all the variety of a full share, just half the quantity. $320

This means that as a shareholder, you are purchasing a share of our harvest. By signing up with B+P, you are saying that you trust and want to invest in us, and our experience.

There is always a chance that Mother Nature (drought, hail, wind, or disease, etc..) will harm or destroy whole crops. This may result in smaller boxes for a period of time while plants recover. On the other hand, the plants could very well produce a bounty beyond what was expected, and your boxes will overflow all summer long. This is the chance you take when you decide to become a CSA shareholder. We will always communicate with you in times of trouble or bounty. As a CSA member, you are a part of our farm. With us, you will experience the realities of farming.

 ideal for a single person, or a busy couple. $199


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