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The Cuperus Family Story & Heritage

We both come from a long line of crop and livestock farmers, and while we continue our partnership on the family farm, we are excited to branch off to follow another dream of ours - a produce farm - and leave some more depth to our legacy for our children.

Our Family

The Cuperus family consists of Jake & Jill and their 3 beautiful babes Jozie, Lane and Lawson. Jake and Jill grew up together as sweet friends, and fell in love while working at a dairy farm after Jill came back home after earning her BS in public health education. They were married 16 months after they started dating, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Jake has been farming since before he was born. He grew up on the family farm with hogs, cattle, corn and soybeans right out the front door. Jill grew up 10 miles from Jake, in town, but spent lots of time at her grandparents farm picking rock and walking beans each spring and summer.

After years of raising calves, we were ready for a change. We filled our pasture with sheep, bought a few chickens and expanded our family garden. We loved it beyond what we ever expected. Several years passed, and our passion and dream grew. We wanted to be able to provide super-fresh, locally grown produce, meat and eggs to our community.We wanted to re-connect the public to their food souce, and we wanted people to be able to get to know their farmer. Again as they say, the rest is history.

Why Local


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